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Although the recipes for mimmoth on a stick vary widely due to regional variations, supplies and taste, here is one very popular recipe from an equally popular inn — before the mimmoths knocked over the hot oil on the stove one night and the building burned to the ground. Some of the ingredients and methods have been translated into modern equivalents.


making approximately 200 one-sixth pound "mimmoths" or 60-odd skewers-worth

Grind 11 pounds of pork shoulder and 22 pounds of beef.

Combine the two meats and mix well, while mixing add two dozen eggs and three one pound boxes of unseasoned bread crumbs (for firming mixture). Also during mixing add one pound of dates chopped fine, and three packages of onion soup mix (not three boxes).

Add three tablespoons of salt and four table spoons of pepper (or to taste).

Weigh out portions of 1/6 pound each (a very large meatball, or about a palmful), shape to vaguely "mimmoth" shape, add raisins for eyes. Tusks are optional. You can now freeze the "mimmoths" in freezer bags.

Prep: After thawing, place one to three "mimmoths" onto a previously soaked stick (shiskabob sticks soaked for couple hours in water) and cook. This process makes for numerous comments and jokes to relax staff.

Cooking at 350 - 375 degrees F for approximately 30-45 minutes or until done, depending on oven. We cook them in large propane fired smoker. If you're rotating the meat as you cook (in other words some going in as the cooked meat comes out you put in say twenty sticks then fifteen minutes later put in another twenty then fifteen minutes later put in another twenty (use whatever number of mimmoth-sticks fit in your cooker, divided by three), this way about forty-five minutes after the last group are put in the cooker the first group are ready to serve. You remove the first group put in cooker and replace them with more to be cooked. This way every fifteen minutes you can remove cooked mimmoths, with a 30 to 45 minute break between the first fifty and the second fifty. If you're able to use two cookers you can space out the entry and have hot mimmoths coming out every 15 minutes by starting the first group in the second cooker 15 minutes after the last group in the first cooker.

If you keep mimmoths in a warmer be sure to use a water tray to prevent drying.

YIS, Elric, Harper's Raid Tavern

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