Miss Baumhund is a graduate student working for an unnamed spark only referred to as Professor[1], who makes a very aborted attempt at seizing control of Mechanicsburg during the chaotic Siege of that city. Following this worthy's defeat at the hands of Zeetha and Higgs, Miss Baumhund requests sanctuary/transfer of her studies to Mechanicsburg, possibly working for Doctor Sun.[2]

A direct translation of her name from German means tree hound or tree dog.

The function of the device over her left eye has yet to be determined. Possibilities include an ornate eye-patch, a Bionic Eye, a rather chic optical accessory, or another un-guessed-at function.

She is presumably trapped in Mechanicsburg when Klaus activates the Take-Five Bomb.

Semi-Canonical Stuff Edit

She is evidently scheduled to appear on a card in the new version of The Works, where she is depicted as having joined Moloch's ever-increasing group of female admirers. It should be noted it is possible that she encounters him "off screen" before the Bomb is activated.


  1. For the purposes of this wiki we call this man Professor Loser.
  2. This hypothesis is probably only inferred from the proximity of Dr. Sun’s report to Higgs’ .