A Moldovian Puff is a breed of cat that seems to exist only in the Girl Genius universe. Krosp is twice identified near the beginning of Act 2 as a Moldovian Puff. Based on the comments made about the breed, Moldovian Puffs seems to have a bad reputation—which means that Krosp, if he is indeed a Moldovian Puff, is likely a typical specimen.

This may be intended to foreshadow Krosp’s departure before the end of the second volume of Act 2.

Possibly relevant outside information Edit

There is no place called "Moldovia" in modern English. Instead, we have in that region the modern state of Moldova (adj: Moldovan) and the historic principality of Moldavia. The region in question is in Romania, immediately East of Transylvania. It is in fact (at least since the early 1990s) a fairly lawless region of the world, especially Transnistria, east of the Dyne the Dniester.

Wikipedia’s list of cat breeds includes none with the word “puff” in the name, not counting the Cheetoh. (Note that in the second reference to Krosp’s breed and its untrustworthiness, he is eating a wedge of cheese.) Krosp’s white color and shaggy hair is perhaps most similar to the Turkish Angora, a landrace (i.e., natural breed) originating in Anatolia, just across the Black Sea from Romania.


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