"Do you think you'll be able to free it soon? Mechanicsburg blue-whorled grunters were my favourite cave snails..." The Mole King, speaking to Agatha.

The Mole King of the Talpini is the highest ranking member of the Moligarchy, an independent underground kingdom far beneath Paris. Following his being saved by Jiminez Hoffmann from becoming monster-chow during a battle with the Talpini's long-standing enemies the Argurons, he has adopted the human as his son. A peace treaty with the Argurons is being finalized by having Hoffmann marry an Arguron Princess Larana Chroma. He knows of Agatha thanks to newspaper reports and some unknown entrepreneur using her (very unauthorized) image to sell truffle-scented crown oil. He also seems rather fond of Mechanicsburg cuisine and hopes the ending of the time-stop will resume the export of his favourite snack.