The town of Mount Horeb was referred to as being saved from the Rain of Mustard by Othar Tryggvassen, Gentleman Adventurer[1]; as this reference appears to have been an intentionally incorrect one used for the purpose of testing Othar's authenticity, this can be presumed to be an incident known not to have happened.

Possibly relevant outside informationEdit

There are several references in the Tanakh or Old Testament to Mount Horeb (the mountain itself) as a sacred place; as these references include an alternate account of the Ten Commandments being given to Moses there instead of on Mount Sinai, it could be considered to be an alternate name for Mount Sinai.

The town of Mount Horeb in Wisconsin, a suburb of Madison, Wisconsin, bills itself as the "Troll Capital of the World", and offers Norwegian hospitality. Kaja Foglio is of Norwegian descent on her mother's side, and a short comic by her about a family of trolls that invades a farmer's cabin during the Christmas season is on the Girl Genius site[2]. Furthermore, one of Mount Horeb's attractions is The Mustard Museum.


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