Moveit (or Movit) is a potion, possibly commonly available, to enhance stamina and energy on a temporary or emergency basis. The name of the first example seen in the story , provided by Violetta, suggests there are at least six formulations, and the fact that this is not merely marketing but indicative of different strengths is later confirmed with the introduction of Movit #11 , which also raises the presumed minimum number of formulations. Tarvek's reaction to the #6 dose suggests it has strong stimulants in it, rather stronger than our-world 'energy drinks', and Zola's #11 dose is enough to "kill almost anyone", according to Violetta. (The effects of Violetta upping Zola's dose through a blowdart are unknown has of yet, but it should be rather...Interesting)

Half a bottle of #6 apparently has an effective timeframe of at least two or three hours, even with adrenalin-pumping physical activity, stress, and multiple serious injuries.

Possibly related outside information Edit

"Turn it up to 11" is a phrase that originated in the movie "This is Spinal Tap" and may be sometimes used by musicians to mean "make the music way too loud". By extension, it can mean "take a given thing to great excess or way too far". Given that Movit #11 kills most people who take it, and this could be considered taking things way too far, the choice of names was likely deliberate on the Foglio's part.

Drugs with formulations numbered 1-6 were used in the herbal medicine of Samuel Thomson in the 1800s.

The infamous swindler, quack doctor, and interspecies gland transplanter John "Goat-Gland" Brinkley also sold a variety of quack nostrums in numbered boxes, bottles & formulations. Given his interest in bizzare surgical experimentation, he seems a likely candidate for Spark-dom in Agatha's universe, & thus may be involved with Movit & its formulations.

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