Mr. Tock was a large clank in Beetleburg who served as a clock, a gate guard for Transylvania Polygnostic University, and head of The Watch. Under ordinary circumstances, his duties were simply to stand outside the University, toll the changing hours, and to challenge approaching persons for identification. He seems to have been equipped to shoot those who did not have a right to be where they were, though he was very slow.

When Tarsus Beetle faced down Baron Wulfenbach, Mr. Tock was used in an ambush to pin down the Baron and his retinue. It might even have worked, except that the Baron was several steps ahead of his old teacher and had brought troops. Mr. Tock was shot down by one of the Wulfenbach airships, and was last seen lying smoking in University Square. It is not known whether he was reparable, but given the general confusion that must have ensued in the Baron's takeover and Silas Merlot's brief, ill-fated tenure as administrator , actual repairs would likely have been low-priority.

However, in the Novelization, Gil is seen repairing Mr. Tock for the university in one of his labs, which does indeed match up with a panel in the comic. So, a modified Mr. Tock has been seen.

The WorksEdit

Mr. Tock is depicted on his card in The Works inspecting a one-man paddle-dirigible. He qualifies as Giant, Clock, and Machine.

Further Appearences Edit

Mr. Tock's parts were salvaged by Gil, who worked on his repair. [1] He (or a clank just like him) is seen in the background with the baron's forces as the battle for Mechanicsburg gets real. Mr. Tock is waving cheerfully.


  1. Seen as Agatha first enters Gil's main lab. The Novel Agatha H and the Airship City actually mentions Mr Tock as being in the lab.

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