Music in the Story Edit

Music has been used in the story in several ways. First, the obvious (entertainment): there are operas; the circus has a music master and a calliope; etc. Also, Agatha retrofitted the wagons of the Circus into a Battle Circus controlled by the Silverodeon's music.

The canon makes several references to music.

Styles of music Edit

Music similar to real-world European classical music is likely widespread within the universe, given the reference to Parisian and Viennese opera. Also, an organ figures prominently in the story; organ repertoire is closely associated with classical music.

Other styles of music also exist. Gil wrote a piece which was described as "dance music" to be played by his Mechanical Orchestra, presumably inspired by music he heard in Paris.

Music as a motif Edit

Perhaps musical ability associated with the Spark?


  1. "The music changed ."
  2. "Do you play" "Oh, yes. "
  3. "My mother gives piano lessons "
  4. "I wrote that. When I was in Paris."

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