A minion of Aaronev Wilhelm Sturmvoraus, caretaker of the royal theatre, and as an ordinary citizen of Sturmhalten, most probably a revenant. He doesn't seem too pleased with the fact that his stage often ends up with holes in it, due to his boss hating a boring show and having a Gatling gun on his royal box. We only see him once, but the brief role he plays is important, so:

Nod is the guy who helps Abner set up for Master Payne's Circus of Adventure to perform The Socket Wench of Prague when the Circus makes an unexpected detour through Sturmhalten. To call this performance "eventful" would understate the case quite severely.

He bears a curious, and hardly coincidental, resemblance to the title character of the "Nodwick" webcomic, although he's considerably taller and less prone to repeated, violent death (at least, we hope so). See the Aaronev Wilhelm Sturmvoraus article for more on this connection to the outside world. Unlike Nodwick, in all likelihood, he's going to die once and that'll be it; however, we don't know whether that single death happened in the fracas that erupted in Sturmhalten when Agatha Heterodyne, Baron Klaus Wulfenbach, and all sorts of other big names crashed the party.