Noopta jpg

Noopta, from the card game The Works.

is a card in The Works; the character has not yet appeared elsewhere.

Noopta is depicted as a toddler-aged girl with purple hair in a ponytail several times longer than she is tall. She wears green jewelry — tiara, bangles, armbands, choker, amulet, belt, anklets, hair rings — with a general motif of quatrefoils in ovals. The amulet is an inverted triangle with an inverted branch design (it could represent, for instance, a mountain, a bird foot, or a river delta) on a purple background. Her headdress also includes a number of teal protrusions and, most strikingly, a large red-orange feather, about as long and as broad as she herself is, that arcs up and forward. A long royal blue skirt hangs from the belt and trains behind; she wears no other actual clothing. The effect is much like a very young Zantabraxus or Zeetha (especially as depicted on their cards) or You Know, Her. Finally, in the instructions (where other cards generally have something about manipulating the other cards in play), Noopta's merely says, "Do you have any candy?"[1]

Her details are Queen and Spark.

  1. In computer programming, a "no-op" (no operation) is an instruction that does nothing.