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In happier days

The Nyar spider is fascinating. Was it intelligent? A tool-user - was it perhaps a tool fabricator? (No stores stock spider-size cutlery.)

It had "facial" expressions. Perhaps Agatha shouldn't have let it be killed. It might have been another Krosp-like construct and had something more to contribute.

In any case, it seems to have found a useful solution to the problem of Zola.

People who support this theory: Altgorl, Discar, Bosda Di'Chi

Moloch's reaction to the Nyar Spider, specifically his non-chalance and his assurance that it is not poisonous, as well as the fact that he had a specialized spider-squishing hand, may suggest that this Nyar Spider is merely one of many such spiders to be found in the Castle. If they are indeed a species, it may be possible that the Nyar Spiders share a history with Mimmoths, starting out as a science experiment, but ultimately finding an ecological niche for themselves, or possibly constructing a complex civilization. Nyar Spiders (if a race) may also bare some relation to the spiders ridden by the Geisterdamen.

Happily for us Nyar fans, dere is anozzer Nyar spider here , alzo with a fork, making hit more likely hit iz a race of beinks. Go Nyar!



People who support this theory: Altgorl, Discar, Bosda Di'Chi

Perhaps the mimmoths make the cutlery, & tade it to the spiders? Arthropods aren't too smart, but mammals are.

People who support this theory: Bosda Di'Chi

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