Ogglespoon is a character in Portentius Reichenbach's opera The Storm King, presumably based on a historical figure. Whether this is his given or surname is not known.

In the operaEdit

According to the opera, Ogglespoon was the arranged fiancé of Euphrosynia Heterodyne, and thus rival of Andronicus Valois. It is stated in the opera synopsis that Euphrosynia is "menaced" by Ogglespoon, and that the marriage is forced. Ogglespoon was able to prevent Andronicus from "rescuing" Euphrosynia by abducting her and trapping Andronicus in the infamous Bonsai Hedge Maze. In the opera as shown in the comic, he bears a significant likeness to Gilgamesh Wulfenbach, while Andronicus Valois looks like Tarvek Sturmvoraus. Euphrosynia, of course, looks a fair bit like Agatha Heterodyne but wears clothes more like those of Zola "Heterodyne".

In the Historical Record Edit

To date there has been no mention outside the opera of Ogglespoon, though according to the prologue to Agatha H and the Clockwork Princess, which is set in the time of the events in question, Euphrosynia was indeed pledged to be married to an unnamed Heterodyne ally before catching the eye of Andronicus and agreeing via diplomatic courtship to be his wife. It should be noted that this is told from Andronicus's viewpoint, and he only hears second-hand reports about this first engagement. Also, other characters say that Euphrosynia was deliberately dangled as bait for Andronicus by her father and/or brother, adding to the possibility that this ally/fiance did not actually exist.