Mistress Oglavia Spüdna occupies the office of Gil's chief spymistress once he becomes Baron. She seems to be very knowledgeable about the Fifty Families and to have some stealthiness skills. Continuing the Wulfenbach tradition of finding the right monster for the right job, she also shows signs of having a strong amoral streak.

Indeed, in her youth she was the author of Everybody Wants to Talk, a self-described vanity project published by Extremis Press. The book was consigned to the Forbidden Stacks of The Immortal Library and Spüdna was supposedly killed. The contents of this book are apparently so frightening that a captured Librarian who has read it frantically agrees to tell Gil everything she knows, as soon as she realizes Spüdna is the author.

At another point , a Rousing Speech given by Othar about the goodness of mankind almost convinces her to renounce her calling, but she.. fortunately comes to her senses as she realizes that she enjoys spying on people too much to quit.