"You cannot possibly be as stupid as you act."

"...Ken if I vants to be!"

--Master Payne, Oggie

Ognian, aka Oggie, is one of the three "wild" Jägermonsters who help Agatha and friends in all manner of combat situations (combat, after all, being what Jägermonsters are good for). Ognian is the one with relatively normal flesh tones, a single curled horn on the left side of his head, and feet which consist of two rather large and clawed toes each. Ognian therefore does not wear shoes. He does, however, wear a snazzy fez.

Introduced here , as Master Payne's Circus of Adventure gets ready for a performance in the town of Zumzum.

In battle, Ognian uses a rather unique weapon: a triple-poleaxe. In addition to hewing body parts in twain, Ognian also uses the polearm as a quarter-staff to ward off blows, as a launching-pad for his fellow Jägers to jump off of, and as a vaulting pole to get over obstacles. Pretty handy, no?

Given that Dimo is known for his good nose, and Maxim is known for his good ears, Ognian might have the best eyesight of Da Boyz.

Another possibility, given Oggie's relatively normal skin tone and the fact that he passes the telescope to Jenka for more detailed visual analysis of what's going on over in Mechanicsburg from the watchtower, is that Jenka actually has the best eyes, and Oggie has the best sense of touch. It would also explain why he opened the Sneaky Gate that's presumably hidden to all other senses and whose location can't be predicted, why he's popular with "de vimminz," and gives a better explanation why he hugs Agatha in the scene where the Jäger are asking her permission to go along with Master Payne's plan to travel through Sturmhalten without incident.

In personality, Ognian is one of the more lighthearted and carefree of the Wild Jägers, much more so than Dimo, whose responsibility makes him more serious, and Maxim, who hides a philosopher's soul under a facade of chivalry. Of the three Jägers, he is probably also the most interested in vimmin, and the only one to have sired descendants that we know of.

Possibly relevant outside information Edit

According to Behind the Name, "Ognian" comes from Bulgarian огнен (ognen) meaning "fiery".