Arms of Omsk

Europan factbook Edit

Omsk was mentioned in passing just once in Othar's Twitter. It has a Duchess in the period after Agatha Heterodyne restores her castle, at least in that timeline, but that's all we know. It has not appeared in the comic or been mentioned anywhere else.

Our factbook Edit

Our Omsk is a city in southwestern Sibera: 2,600 kilometres from Lahore, 2,700 kilometres from Moscow, 3,500 kilometres from Bucharest, 5,400 from Toyko, and fairly close to the modern Kazakhstan northern border - not quite the middle of nowhere, but doing a good job of it. It lies on the banks of the north-flowing Irtysh River, at its confluence with the Om. It was founded in the early 1700s, but due to its advantageous position for trade traffic, grew rapidly to be a significant city even relative to those further to the more easily-reached west. A substantial amount of this trade involves natural resources obtained from nearby lands [1].

Omsk has been called "The Gates of Siberia" [2] It also has a strong Cossack history.

It celebrates its City Day on the first Saturday in August.


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