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Paper Dolls on the Girl Genius site. These are higher resolution than the versions in the comics.

A Girl Genius Paper Doll App was also created.

Character First Published Higher Resolution
Agatha Heterodyne 2008-01-14 (Monday) Agatha
Bangladesh DuPree 2013-07-19 (Friday) Bang
Baron Klaus Wulfenbach 2013-07-26 (Friday) Baron Wulfenbach
Dimo 2014-04-23 (Wednesday) Unavailable
Gilgamesh Wulfenbach 2008-05-07 (Wednesday) Gil / Tarvek
Krosp 2008-01-16 (Wednesday) Krosp
Mamma Gkika 2013-07-24 (Wednesday) Mamma Gkika
Maxim 2014-04-28 (Monday) Unavailable
Moloch von Zinzer 2013-07-22 (Monday) vonZinzer
Oggie 2014-04-25 (Friday) Unavailable
Tarvek Sturmvoraus 2013-07-17 (Wednesday) Gil / Tarvek
Zeetha, Daughter of Chump 2008-01-09 (Wednesday) Zeetha
Cinderella Series
Agatha in weasel pajamas and undergarments 2014-12-31 (Wednesday) Available "soon"
Callipygian t-shirt, stylish rags, royal ball gown 2015-01-02 (Friday) Available "soon"
Gil and Tarvek in prince outfits, clockwork pants 2015-01-05 (Monday) Available "soon"
Zeetha in top hat and tails, harem outfit, extreme fairy godmother, gym rat 2015-01-07 (Wednesday) Available "soon"
Dimo's ugly stepsister costume 2015-01-09 (Friday) Available "soon"
Oggie and Maxim's ugly stepsister costumes 2015-01-12 (Monday) Available "soon"
Krosps's costumes: Maneki Neko, Attractive Cat Girl, Puss-in-Boots, King 2015-01-14 (Wednesday) Available "soon"
Jäger Hat Party! 2015-01-16 (Friday) Available "soon"

Fun Edit

This page is just to have fun with doing images. The "Paper" Dolls, ostensibly invented by the "Fashion Clank" were dreamed up by the Professors Foglio as filler and possibly trial objects that eventually got out of hand. Hence this page.

TarvekPaperDoll01 BangSmokin GrndVizier VonZinzer01 GeneralGkikka KnG01 Formal dimo Oggie with drink fixed smaller Maxim extra fancy smaller

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