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The devastated town as scouted by the Circus

Passholdt: A town that sits on a mountain pass, and thus a major way-point.

Previously known for making "those fried cream things."[1] Now known for all the townspeople having been turned into a new form of revenant by an experiment gone horribly wrong .

In Sturmhalten, Lord Selnikov reveals to Anevka that Passholdt was the base of operations of another spark loyal to The Other, one Snarlantz, who was "entrusted with most of the Slaver Engines." Snarlantz was "always trying to improve them" which resulted in the revenant infestation that overtook the townspeople.

Selnikov and the Jotun Brothers (who we can assume were fellow Knights of Jove) removed all traces of the Order's presence at Passholdt before the mess became public. Apparently, this wasn't easy.


  1. As referred to by Zeetha. 2005-06-29 (Wednesday)

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