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Passholdt is located at Borgo PassEdit

Where is Passholdt? Does a bridge with such details exist? How about such a sun set? My belief is that thematically Passholdt is styled after Borgo Pass which was mentioned in Bram Stoker's Dracula. I haven't yet found a source for the bridge but the sunset? Look here.

People who support this theory: 20px-1298786.png Rej¿¤¤?

Etymology Edit

The word "holdt" brings visions of a castle or keep to the minds of English speakers, but it actually means copse or grove or wood in old German. The word "pass" brings the vision of a mountain pass to the mind of an English speaker, but in German it means to amble. Put the two together and we have "amble wood," which I have to believe is a possible name for a town in Transylvania. It may or may not be in a mountain pass.

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