The Phlogiston Powered Mantigoon is an intimidating exosuit constructed by one Professor Wubertus Ponglenoze, which uses a particularly effective energy regulator in its construction. The Mantigoons were added to Klaus Wulfenbach's forces a year before the Siege of Mechanicsburg, presumably after Ponglenoze attempted to use them against the Baron.

During the Siege, the Mantigoons are among the swarm of forces that Klaus rather chaotically pours into the city. Moloch and Da Boyz attack one of them in order to loot its energy regulator for Agatha to use in her improved Zappy Stick. Moloch, needless to say, is extremely reluctant while Da Boyz are inordinately excited by this proposed course of action. Moloch is nevertheless the one who ends the fight quickly by hitting target's driver with a brick, an act which earns him praise from Dimo , although the desirability of the "quick" part is something of a puzzle.

Itza; Itza; Itza vehicle! Edit

The Mantigoon is a large quadrupedal vehicle that spews jets of fire from its tail. Facing a approaching Mantigoon head on, what might well have been mistaken for a kind of hood ornament is actually the aforementioned driver.

In our universe at least, Phlogiston is a non-existent substance dreamed up by theoreticians during the very earliest studies in chemistry, while the name "Mantigoon" as well as the device's overall design (including its deadly tail) are references to the equally-mythical Manticore.

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