Pierre van Stron is a Parisian university student. He is also president of the "Musketeers of Truth" student-group, and makes his first appearance in the strip in the latter capacity, as the leader of a squad of battle-clanks who burst into the cake shop which Agatha is patronizing. He attempts to take her hostage, declaring her to be a Wulfenbach agent, and makes mention of the Mole Men of the Thirteenth Stack Level, who are supposedly involved in a "secret war" with the Master of Paris. He is evidently not a Mole Man himself, but rather a sparky conspiracy theorist striving to expose the fact ("fact"?) that this war is occurring.

Immediately after his introduction, he is given a powerful smack by his roommate Jiminez Hoffmann with a Kinetic Accumulator; while this ends his kidnapping attempt, he survives the experience and he and Hoffmann are both soon seen among the group chasing after a kidnapped-instead-by-Drusus-Beausoleil Agatha.