Pix is one of the star performers in Master Payne's Circus of Adventure. We first see her here , lurking in the background with Zeetha -- which will be the last time for a long time that she plays a background role, because Pix likes the limelight. As will be seen, that's incredibly important.

In her first few appearances, Pix is a bit wary of Agatha. She's one of the Circus folk who meet Agatha when she brings the lost child Balthazar home to his mom. Of course, she's appreciative, as are the others among the Circus, but she reacts negatively when Abner starts making noises about Agatha staying around. Being a prudent girl and and a bit protective of the people in the circus, she insists (with some justification) that the decision on whether or not Agatha can stay must come from Master Payne. On a slightly deeper level, she's one of the first characters to think through the implications of having someone around who's on the lam from Baron Klaus Wulfenbach, as Agatha clearly is. She's upset when Payne turns Agatha and Krosp away, because she sees wandering solo in the wilderness as a death sentence for this naïf, having no idea yet that Agatha is a big-time Spark. Of course, the episode with the Spider Clank takes care of that.

These events also cause a shift in her attitude toward Abner, a good thing for the circus, since the two of them had apparently been driving the rest of the company nuts with their arguing and romantic tension. When Abner is forced to go with Gil and DuPree into the wastelands, Pix seems to realize he might not be coming back, so she takes a chance and finally kisses him. Abner's return marks the start of an actual romance between the two. By the time Pix and Abner conclude a good, long talk over the smoldering remains of the Monster Horse Beastie, a relationship has been well formed, and Pix and Abner are an Item from this day forth.

Pix's intelligence also gives her a gift for acting. When Gilgamesh Wulfenbach and Bangladesh DuPree come calling in the aftermath of the attack, Pix plays a key role in convincing Gil and Bang that Agatha is dead.

Her most important role, however, is yet to come. Pix frequently gets pressed into service playing Lucrezia Mongfish in the Heterodyne shows, which is reasonable as she bears a distinct resemblance to the young Ms. Mongfish of ages past, and is a good enough actress to play up to Lucrezia's ... distinctive ... personality. She doesn't particularly like playing Lucrezia, and therefore is happy to defer the Lucrezia role in a performance of Race to the West Pole to Agatha, but she gives the performance of her life as Lucrezia when the whole troupe conspires to rescue Agatha from the clutches of the Baron at Sturmhalten. The ruse works, Agatha is rescued, and the Circus escapes along with her (with the exception of the unfortunate Lars). She stays with the circus when they accept Ardsley Wooster's offer of sanctuary and a brand new venue in England. That's the last we've seen of Pix, although it's reasonable to think that she and Abner are living happily ever after in England -- at least until the next plot twist brings them back into the story.

It's interesting that "Pix" is also the alias that Agatha adopts as she slips incognito into Castle Heterodyne to try to repair the place. Given that Agatha also claims to have poisoned 37 disgruntled diners, who knows what weird rumors about Pix that will cause.

The Works Edit

Pix appears in "The Works" with Abner. She looks rather heavier and scruffier and holds a screwdriver, as if she is one of the minor sparks. However, the epithet for Abner and Pix is only Circus Artists. See Abner and Pix.