Place Maubert (pronounced [ˌpläz.moˈbɛʁ̝][1]; translation: "Maubert Plaza"[2][3]) is a location in Paris that Gilgamesh Wulfenbach visited (prior to the start of the story) with Zola's knowledge (and likely presence[4]).

At least at the time, it was the location of an "abandoned toy shop".[5] This is possibly the same as the "great curiosity shop"[6] from which Gil acquired the Heterodyne device. If so, Place Maubert can be said to be "near the University".

Possibly relevant outside informationEdit

Place Maubert is an open-air market in Paris, currently most notable for its restaurants, and the subway station servicing it. It seems throughout its history [7] to be a popular site for symposia. In particular, it is said that so many Protestants were executed there that it became a pilgrimage site (though whether for Catholics or Protestants is not clear).


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