Two distinct types of playing cards, which may both belong to the same deck, have been featured in the pages of Girl Genius.

Moxana's "Tarot" Edit

The Muse Moxana has been shown using a set of cards which are reminiscent of the Trumps or Major Arcana of the Tarot deck, but which are mechanical in theme, for divination and communication.

Card XXI, "The Device" is the card used by Moxana to indicate herself. She used it to communicate that she wished Agatha to attempt to repair her.

(number unknown), "The Whirlwind" is presented by Moxana to Tarvek, who notes that it has multiple meanings including "Great power at great risk", "Beware of things underground", "Expect an unexpected friend", and "Learn a new piece of music". All of these prove to be accurate.

The backs of the cards are shown as bordered, and except for the border, as having a diamond pattern. The traditional tarotée back design for Tarot cards is a diamond pattern.

Ordinary Playing Cards Edit

Master Payne is shown playing a card game, possibly Poker or a game closely similar to it, with a soldier. It appears that Sparks and Muses are types of court cards in the game, and also, from the artwork, that the cards have the same French suits (Hearts, Diamonds, Clubs, and Spades) as are commonly used in the English-speaking world, as opposed to the Italian suits (Cups, Coins, Clubs, Swords) commonly seen with Tarot cards, or the German suits (Hearts, Bells, Leaves, and Acorns) that are common in Central Europe.

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