Prende is one of the Muses built 200 years ago by master Spark van Rijn for the Storm King. It is yet to be revealed what her area of specialty is/was, but she has been depicted carrying a large spherical metal framework, possibly an armillary sphere. According to the prologue of the print novel Agatha H. and the Clockwork Princess, this sphere is collapsible.

Until her rediscovery by Agatha and Co. in the sealed-off artifact-vaults of the Corbettite Monks under Paris, she was thought to have been destroyed at some point in the long decades following the fall of the Storm King. While she appears at first glance to be dormant (and showing some signs of physical damage), she quickly proves that she is still quite functional, able to instantly stop veteran Smoke Knight Madwa Korel from sneaking into the vault, and then zap the woman with a bolt of electricity, which also burns off the Muse's wig and the remains of her clothes. (Although Madwa quickly shakes off the blast and escapes Prende's grasp.)

Unlike her sister-Muses Tinka and Moxana, when told of Tarvek, she dismisses out of hand the possibility that he could be a new Storm King; it is quickly revealed she thinks this because the artifact vault also contains… the Storm King, somehow kept alive all this time by a device which might be Prende's Chronometric Lantern. When the enraged Storm King is accidentally revived/released from stasis, he sets off toward the surface to reclaim his sword via the direct route: blasting his way through the wall of the vault with his mace The Platonic Solid. At first he is distrustful of Prende, thinking her in league with his "jailer" van Rijn, but after she begs, he allows her to accompany him, collapsing the vault behind them.

She is still with him when he reaches the surface, where she confirms the strange huge place they are seeing is indeed Paris. Andronicus is then confronted by his former ally Simon Voltaire, leading to a destructive final fight between the two men. Tarvek is also present, and manages to spirit Prende away from the immediate battlezone. Who ends up in possession of her after the Storm King's eventual defeat and death is currently unknown.