So famous for having lost a bet with Goot Heterodyne that he has a sandwich named after him. He said that he would eat his hat after a cathedral was constructed in Mechanicsburg. Goot built the Red Cathedral and Prince Vadim made a sandwich out of his hat and ate it in public. The name of the sandwich is called The Prince of Sturmhalten's Big Bet.

Both Prince Vadim and his famous sandwich are only known to us the readers because Maxim told the story during his fight with Ol' Man Death. He was doing his best to be "sottle."

He is also mentioned (not by name, but by reputation, because of the bet) in Vol. 13, pg. 50, panel 1, by the Seneschal of Mechanicsburg, Vanamonde von Mekkhan, when Agatha mentions how "odd" it is to have a cathedral in town.