This article is about the Castle prisoner with a spider clank replacing his lower body. For other professors, see Professor (disambiguation).

"Useless inferior coprolitic components. I wouldn't electrocute my mother with these."[1]


Professor Caractacus Mezzasalma[2] is a former Castle Heterodyne prisoner, though it has not been revealed what he did to get himself sentenced to Castle duty. He has thick short black hair and dark olive skin, and wears a blue vest. He appears to be a minor spark specializing in electromechanical systems, such as the spider-like (though hexapodal) legs that serve as his lower body. He has been seen to use at least one leg to hold a cable , suggesting that all six may be functional manipulative limbs. According to the novel Agatha H. and the Voice of the Castle, his first name is Caractacus.

He is a member of Professor Diaz's castle-killer team, and is present when Agatha captures Zola, at which point he immediately transfers his allegiances .

He is in charge of the system powering the Si Vales Valeo System Transferal Procedure, whence the above quote.

He takes part in refurbishing the Fun-Sized Mobile Agony and Death Dispenser. He is present when Zola kills Diaz with the marshmallow gun, and has his legs shorted out by an effect of Doctor Mittelmind's pulse cannon.

He recovers from this, ultimately survives Agatha's visit to the Castle, and is among the prisoners who are released when the Doom Bell is rung and Agatha officially declared the Heterodyne.

Before the Timeskip seals Mechanicsburg, he is last seen working on Moloch's team of roving repairmen in the Red Cathedral, expressing enthusiasm for Tarvek's leadership potential, and watching the Castle get a needed spark.

At some point prior to his incarceration, he had mecha-narwhal creator Iskenshod as a student.

Outside InformationEdit

"Mezza" means "half" and "salma" means "body" or "corpse" in Italian.[3][4]

"Caractacus" could be a reference to Caractacus Potts; a (non-GG) fictional mad inventor known for his creation of the famous flying car "Chitty-Chitty Bang-Bang".

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