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Cornelius Senear is a mad-boy known to the Wulfenbach Empire. The chaos boiling around the Siege of Mechanicsburg prompts him to emerge from a period of seeming inactivity ; he sees this as the perfect moment to lead an "unstoppable army of Aeroapes" and seize control of the Empire. Unfortunately for him, Klaus has really stopped fooling around, and this assault is repelled off-screen in emphatic if not outright brutal fashion, leading Senear to seek asylum in Mechanicsburg for himself and his surviving Aeroapes, alongside at least one other would-be invader of the city. He is presumably sealed inside Mechanicsburg when the Baron activates his Take-Five Bomb.

Possibly relevant outside information Edit

The good doctor's first name is the same as one of the main characters from the original film version of The Planet of the Apes.