This article is about the Valois conspirator and Castle prisoner. For other professors, see Professor (disambiguation).

Professor Diaz is a Castle Heterodyne prisoner and a Spark, planted there by The Council to further the conspiracy to re-throne the Storm King. He has been working on a device to kill the Castle's multiple personalities by using carefully smuggled parts.

He has a team of three prisoners working with him - they may have been Council plants: Dr. Mittelmind (a male Mad Social Scientist), Fräulein Snaug (Dr. Mittelmind's best minion), and Professor Mezzasalma (half man/half spider-clank).

His immediate loyalty switch to the real Lady Heterodyne and his words of praise for her actions[1] suggest he is more socio-politically savvy than the usual laboratory jock. Currently his head has been smashed in by an enormous marshmallow gun (wielded as a huge metal club, of course -- marshmallows not being especially lethal by themselves, even when shot from a large gun) while very interesting ideas are being generated about what to do with his body .

Outside worldEdit




Undercover as a member of the working class

Professor Diaz is the nom d'academe of Aaron S. Diaz, philosopher and creator of The Dresden Codak, which includes some very steampunkly interludes involving two gentlemen living on the moon. His presence is a shoutout.


  1. "Delightfully done, my lady. Your enemy is thoroughly crushed. You are a true Heterodyne."