A type of Sparky armor which Tweedle supplies to all the ground troops who accompany him on his expedition to Corbettite Depot Fortress of St. Szpack. The name at least implies that the armor makes its users stronger and faster, but its true nature and power is not revealed to the reader until Tweedle confronts the The Beast as the latter rampages through the bowels of the fortress. The Beast responds by drawing Tweedle towards it by using its magnetic powers to attract his artificial hand. Tweedle's second-in-command and apparent human Tybalt attempts to step into the fray and rescue his Storm King, but The Beast is more than a little delighted to exert its pull on Tybalt's armor. Tweedle orders Tybalt to shed the armor, revealing that Tybalt is one of Tweedle's sparkhounds, or at least a similar large wolf-like creature able to run (away, quickly) on his hind legs while carrying Tweedle under one arm.

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