Dr. Prometheus Bunbury is a minor(?) Spark mentioned by Gil in his mock "duel" with Zeetha. He appears to specialize in novelty items for parties, etc. Gil tries to use one of Bunbury's "Jolly Fun Oxidation Enhancers" to eliminate the "base metals" that Zeetha is carrying (i.e., her swords), but goofs and uses a "Wacky Weave Destabilizer" instead. The result is that Zeetha's characteristic blue outfit is, well, destabilized. Fortunately, she's prepared for this, after a fashion,[1] with unknown significance for the plot, but also with the real-world result that Girl Genius continues to be rated PG-13 rather than R.

He hasn't actually appeared onstage yet, so all we really know of him is what we glean from the banter between Zeetha and Gil. However, if Zeetha's opinion means anything, he's gained a certain notoriety among Europa's traveling shows.

Possibly relevant outside informationEdit

The name "Bunbury" was used as alias by one of the characters in Oscar Wilde's play The Importance of Being Earnest; Wilde evidently referred to a private joke about living a double life.

Prometheus is, of course, the Titan who gifted man with fire, for which the gods tortured him ever after. Later versions of the story also credit him with the creation, from clay, of humanity itself.


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