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Does the existence of the Purple Ray prove the existence of Amazons in this timeline?Edit

The implication being that A: Communications have been restored between the tribes and B: The Heterodyne Boys got to bring back some goodies from Skifander.

Could the Skifandrans be, like the Bana-Mighdall, a 'lost' tribe as a result of the tumult when the Amazons were enslaved and Antiope went her own way, splitting the tribe between herself and her sister-Queen Hippolyte? A proto-Skifandran fragment could have been lost during the wanderings and travails of the Bana-Mighdall, or even come from an untold tale of attrition as the gods led Hippolyte's group to Paradise Island and New Themiscyra.

'Skifander' is reminiscent of 'Iskandar', which is the Arabic version of the name Alexander, after Alexander the Great. The Bana-Mighdall have adopted many Semitic dieties in their centuries of separation - picking up some of the language and having it mutate through normal linguistic wear and tear would not be surprising.

The favour of the gods which has followed the Amazons in varying amounts would, of course, accrue to the Skifandrans as well and gift them with the Sparks in their population.

Some inkling of the location of Skifander will reveal much (as will Secret Blueprints, Vol. Two, hopefully).

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