The third in the line of leader Dingbots, a series of small, compact Clanks created by Agatha. Presumably created in response to the disharmony between the other two active Dingbot leaders, Dingbot Prime and Deuce Dingbot, which had begun exhibiting Sparky behavior (most especially, beginning a full-scale war using their own Clank creations in the bowels of Castle Heterodyne), Queenie appears to have the ability to force obedience from all other Dingbots, Dingbot Prime and Deuce Dingbot included.

It remains to be seen whether this is a good thing or not, of course, since it presumably has the same tendencies towards Sparky behavior that the other Dingbots share.


Recently, March 25, 2013, a callipygian clank that bears a resemblance to Queenie has been shown with wings amoung a number of other flying dingbots. Did Agatha build the flying dingbots, or did Queenie?

Known Attributes Edit

Queenie is callipygian . Queenie is approximately spherical, bright brass with gold accents, and about four inches in diameter, with a good deal of nice chasing embellishing her body. She has delicately modelled limbs, with the most finely detailed hands yet seen on a Dingbot. She also posseses an antenna and a retractable crown, just to drive the point home to the stubborn among her fellow dingbots. She has an extra eye above and slightly left of her larger central eye, perhaps so she can watch Prime and Deuce at the same time.


Attention on deck!

She can Heterodyne, apparently with considerable force, and when her crown popped out, it positively crackled with power. While Prime and Deuce lead their broods by default, Queenie was literally built to command.

She is the size and shape of the device Agatha was working off her post Si Vales Valeo rush on. She received her name, the only Canonical name held by a Dingbot, quite casually. In passing on Agatha's instructions, Zeetha simply addressed her as "Hey, Queenie!"

Why she was builtEdit

See if I dont
It is an ugly thing when an invention turns on its creator. Queenie was made to keep a promise made during such an incident.

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