In Any Plan Where You Lose Your Hat...:

Minsk: Gorb. Dis iz turnink into vun of dose plans... Hyu know – de kind vere ve keel everybody dot notices dot ve's killin' people?
Gorb: It is?
Minsk: Uh huh. And how do dose alvays end?
Gorb: De dirigible iz in flames, evryboddyz dead an' I've lost my hat.
Minsk: Dot's right. Und any plan vere you lose you hat iz?
Gorb: A bad plan?

In The Baron and Othar:

Othar: The boy is not stupid. A web of lies can unravel with the lightest touch of the truth!

In The Baron Gets News:

General Zog: You giff the order und ve go. Ve haff a team of Jägerkin, Lackya, clenks und crew at each entry.
Klaus: Excellent. I'm pleased at the lack of rivalry.
General Zog: Sir - dere iz a time to twit nancy-boy feetsmen und a time to crush bogs.

In Klaus's Story:

Klaus: Oh no. Not this time. Not without an explanation. I was away for a few years and I came back to a world in ruins. Death, destruction, chaos--the endless fighting--it was like the Heterodyne Boys had never existed. Things were worse than ever. So I stopped it. And I did it my way this time. No more negotiating. No more promises. No more second chances. And I did it alone. Because I had to. And it worked. And now, here you are. Alive. I thought you were all dead and I didn't even know what had happened!. But now I will, because you will stay and tell me.

In Agatha and Othar Have a Talk:

Krosp: Like it or not, you'll cause trouble just by existing!
Agatha: All right then. Let's go cause some trouble.

In Agatha's Bad Plan:

Master Payne: Could you burn down people - women and children - even if you knew they had become monsters?
Agatha: I... no... I don't know.
Master Payne: The Baron can. The Baron has. I respect him for that, but I don't want to be him. No sane man would.

In Agatha Wakes Up:

Agatha/Lucrezia: I do so mistrust it when "impossible" is one's initial reaction to an idea.

In Zeetha Has a Clue:

Agatha: I'll think of it as a symbol of everything I've overcome - and of everything I will overcome.

In Agatha Meets Von Mekkan:

Carson: But I'm an old man, and I've lived here a long time. I've learned that just because something is "impossible" - doesn't mean it can't happen.

In Got the Job?:

Moloch: Oh, jeez! You're bleeding! What happened?
Agatha: Let's just say that somewhere in this place there's a dial marked "High Drama," and it needs to be turned way down.

In Cinderella:

Agatha: "Any sufficiently analyzed magic is indistinguishable from science!"
Zeetha: What's with the quotation marks? Who said that?
Agatha: ME!

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