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The Reindeer Clank was made by Agatha Heterodyne to tow and to protect the Swan Sleigh. Painted white and adorned with elegant gold trim, this clank was programmed with a rather haughty opinion of its grace, extolled eloquently repeatedly in the middle of its flight from Martellus von Blitzengaard's secret facility. The clank is heavily armed as well, capable of destroying a Wulfenbach Sentinel in one volley .

The clank was destroyed by Bohrlaikha with one stroke of her sword through its neck.

The attached party sleigh is styled like a swan, and was apparently owned by the matriarch of the Sturmvoraus/Von Blitzengaard family (and current de facto head of the Storm King Conspiracy). It is unknown if its heavy energy cannon was part of it originally or was added by Agatha when creating the clanks used in their escape.

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