Rerich von Billiguether is a Jäger that was captured by Tweedle while he was serving as a decoy to help Agatha escape to Paris. Wounded after fighting against the Sparkhounds of Martellus, of which Rerich was able to kill six, he had a discussion with Von Blitzengaard about the Storm King and his lost love Euphrosynia after which he was shot multiple times by the Tweedlemonster and is most likely dead .


Rerich claims to have known Euphrosynia Heterodyne and Andronicus Valois, which would make him well over 200 years old. While he didn't get the Storm King's hat, he did eat his horse.

Relevant Outside InformationEdit

According to a semi-anonymous poster, Rerich von Billiguether was created to fulfill the single "BECOME A CHARACTER -- and DIE!" incentive offered during the 2013 Kickstarter campaign.

Possibly Relevant Outside InformationEdit

The name may have been derived from, or at least intended to suggest, "Billiggüter," a German compound word meaning "cheap goods." In German, ue can be used instead of ü and many words that used to be spelled with a 'th' now use a 't'. See the talk page for this article for a discussion of the validity of this idea.

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