Agatha constructed this clank with the assistance of Gilgamesh Wulfenbach (and a swarm of dingbots) in his lab aboard Castle Wulfenbach. When she emerged from the active Spark state in which she constructed it, she did not have conscious memories of doing so, and thus it is presumed to have been constructed by Agatha in her sleep.

Gil listed the various items, including parts of his mechanical orchestra and his wrecked falling flying machine, which Agatha cannibalized to obtain parts to add to his customized fencing clank. That a Spark will cheerfully disassemble valuable items to obtain parts for a new creation is a motif that has been referenced elsewhere in the chronicles, such as when Agatha created her coffee machine in Mechanicsburg. When Gil notes that among Agatha's sources of parts was a pneumatic nutcracker, Agatha sheepishly replies that she really likes nuts.

The clank follows Agatha when she and Gil escape slaver wasps released aboard Castle Wulfenbach, and then later rescues Othar — the purpose for which Agatha, unconsciously, had built it. Its subsequent fate and current location are unknown.

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