One of the mechanics working for Master Payne's Circus of Adventure, Rivet is a slightly sparky toolmaker or at least an enthusiastic and expert collector; she has a huge stash of them neatly assembled in her Circus wagon. Agatha uses them in her various repair projects with the Circus, most notably her repairing and revamping the Silverodeon.

Having worked with Ollie on keeping Baba Yaga running, Rivet is familiar with piston-leg vehicle repair. She is also a performer[1] in the Circus's Heterodyne Plays, though none of her roles have been explicitly named.

She presumably has traveled to England along with the rest of the Circus.

In the print-novel Agatha H. and the Clockwork Princess, it is made more explicitly clear that she did not personally construct all of her collection, but rather scrounged its components from various derelicts and wrecks that the Circus encountered over the years.


  1. She's in the command performance , at least.