Wulfenbach tower winged

Reclaiming the Wastelands one meter at a time

The Rumbletoy unit, despite being somewhat playfully named, is one of Baron Klaus Wulfenbach's most potent tools in reclaiming the Wastelands: using the Rumbletoys' infrasonic wave projectors, road crews are able to smooth passes, crumble rubble and landslides into sand, and blast their way through seismic anomalies thrown up willy-nilly by the capricious actions of madboys.[1] The road-builders then have the optimal surface to pave, and subsequently improve traffic into yet another previously-hazardous area. As the Romans knew, a good road is a joy forever.

The mechanical units are built much like modern tanks, as their structure has to hold together in proximity of the vibrations they are producing. The wheels are balloon-style tires to allow the Rumbletoy to climb any terrain for the best possible angle of attack on the designated road hazard.

The human component of a Rumbletoy road crew wears a uniform which varies depending on weather, but most notably includes safety equipment consisting of wraparound goggles, to protect the eyes against the constant dust raised by the subsonics, and extremely well-insulated ear protection. Despite this, the crews have a high turnover of people who just can't stand the way their teeth dance and their bones hum for eight to twelve hours a day.

The crews also carry survey equipment, and a cartographer is frequently seconded to accompany crews in the field to ensure Imperial maps are kept as up-to-date as possible.

It has been theorized that the Rumbletoys could also be used as weaponry. Gilgamesh Wulfenbach extrapolated the Baron's order for road crews to report to Mechanicsburg so that their equipment could be used to undermine Castle Heterodyne's foundation and take it apart from the bottom up. As the Rumbletoys' aim can be very precise, this would have similar effects to a controlled building implosion in our world.


  1. "Road Crews. We mostly use the Rumbletoys as earth movers-

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