Ruxala is a Wulfenbach Weasel Wrangler of the Vespiary Squad. Not only is she a wasp eater lover and trainer, it also turns out that she's a fierce warrior (at least against slaver wasps) in her own right.

She is one of the members of the Squad who defect down to Mechanicsburg under Tarvek's influence during the Siege of that city. She is thus on board the airship which is shot down by fellow Wulfenbach forces. Tarvek is helping her release weasels from cages in the ship when she is stabbed by one of the Baron’s Stealth Fighters. Since she is not immediately killed, he has to carry her out, along with Jorgi and a number of weasel kits. Despite her wound and being semi-conscious, she shows her aforementioned prowess by shooting an attacking wasp Warrior.

She survives all this, and is last seen using her remaining wasp eaters to scan people in Mechanicsburg, but finding an oddly low number of Revenants. While some members of the Squad slip out of the city with retreating Wulfenbach forces, intending to set up new centers of study outside the empire, she evidently stays and is thus likely trapped in the city when Klaus activates his Take-Five Bomb.