Sergeant Scorp is a member of the Wulfenbach Vespiary Squad, although one who wears a standard military uniform (with the insect-winged-castle insignia) rather than the face mask and cloak the technicians wear. He was in charge of the team that that captured Agatha, Tarvek, and Vrin towards the beginning of the battle of Sturmhalten. He speaks with a rather "folksy" accent, and had much more of a sense of humor about the whole situation than anyone else did at the time.

It’s not known exactly what happened to him after Agatha’s friends took out his squad when they tried to recapture the Other, but he did survive with only minor injuries (especially to his arm) and was seen in Mechanicsburg, advising the Black Squad.[1] Later, after receiving further treatment at the Great Hospital at Mechanicsburg[2] he assists (presumably) Wulfenbach regulars.

It was previously speculated here that as one of the few members of the Wulfenbach forces who has actually seen both possessed and non-possessed Agatha, he may have helped resolve that “issue.” In fact, his relating his experience helps convince Othar Tryggvassen that Agatha may be the Other.[3]


  1. “I saw her. Different face, different build. This ain’t her.”
  2. “This hospital is a marvel and no mistake.
  3. I have never been as wrong about anyone as I was about her.