Professor P. Foglio frequently includes humorous references to other webcomics in the panels of Girl Genius. The Professora has started tagging these as "bumps for other webcomics" in the LiveJournal echo site. The following comics have all been mentioned at one time or another.

Occasionally, other artists pay playful verbal or visual homage to one aspect of Studio Foglio's work or another. For sake of balance, these "shoutins" are included below the shoutouts.

Shoutouts to other webcomicsEdit

Comic Author Page Notes
Abominable Charles ChristoperThe Abominable Charles Christoper Kerschl, KarlKarl Kerschl 20111230 2011-12-30 (Friday) One of the Jägers is abominable even down to his trilobyte pacifier
Accursed DragonAccursed Dragon! Smith, RyanRyan Smith 20111111 2011-11-11 (Friday) Communications with the Wulfenbach airship Accursed Dragon
Arcane TimesArcane Times Wright, CheyenneCheyenne Wright 20070319 2007-03-19 (Monday) Small poster: "Read Arcane Times"
Arcane TimesArcane Times Wright, CheyenneCheyenne Wright 20070704 2007-07-04 (Wednesday) Poster in the background of the first panel
Ask Dr. EldritchAsk Dr. Eldritch Nichols, Evan M.Evan M. Nichols 20081124 2008-11-24 (Monday) This proclamation paid for by: Ask Dr. Eldritch! / Pets found! Warts explained! Crops blighted! Family curses lifted!
Basic InstructionsBasic Instructions Meyer, ScottScott Meyer 20081210 2008-12-10 (Wednesday) Science Fair project: Basic Instructions 1) Don't eat paint 2) or lead 3) …
BlipBlip Leaves, SageSage Leaves 20081124 2008-11-24 (Monday) This proclamation paid for by: Blip
Bob the Angry FlowerBob the Angry Flower Notley, StephenStephen Notley 20070321 2007-03-21 (Wednesday) Billboard: "See 'Bob' The Angry Flower! Now at the Botanical Gardens"
Buck GodotBuck Godot Foglio, PhilPhil Foglio 20021104 2002-11-04 (Monday) The Winslow has been well documented by Phil Foglio, but has been covered in the most detail in the Buck Godot books.
Buck GodotBuck Godot Foglio, PhilPhil Foglio 20030903 2003-09-03 (Wednesday) Theo using a hand puppet of The Winslow.
Buck GodotBuck Godot Foglio, PhilPhil Foglio 20070228 2007-02-28 (Wednesday) "Poiled Slurgs! Fried onna stick!"
Buck GodotBuck Godot Foglio, PhilPhil Foglio 20070319 2007-03-19 (Monday) Billboard for "Buck Godot: Fashions for big and tall men!".
Buck GodotBuck Godot Foglio, PhilPhil Foglio 20081031 2008-10-31 (Friday) A person in the crowd is wearing a Buck Godot shirt.
Buck GodotBuck Godot Foglio, PhilPhil Foglio 20090408 2009-04-08 (Wednesday) The Winslow mounted on the wall.
Crimson DarkCrimson Dark Simon, David C.David C. Simon 20081128 2008-11-28 (Friday) Agatha, as Cinderella, decides not to enter the science fair. Instead, she stays home and drinks Crimson Dark Winter Ale.
Devil's Panties, TheThe Devil's Panties Breeden, JennieJennie Breeden 20070319 2007-03-19 (Monday) Billboard: "The Devil's Panties: Lingerie – Notions – and discreet items"
DiggerDigger Vernon, UrsulaUrsula Vernon 20070321 2007-03-21 (Wednesday) Small poster: "Drink Digger"
Dominic Deegan: Oracle For HireDominic Deegan: Oracle For Hire Terracciano, MichaelMichael Terracciano 20070319 2007-03-19 (Monday) Poster on lamppost: "Dominic Deegan: Sees all/Tells all"
Dominic Deegan: Oracle For HireDominic Deegan: Oracle For Hire Terracciano, MichaelMichael Terracciano 20090320 2009-03-20 (Friday) Gil: "The Comte de Terracciano's Ultimate Endgame chess set"
The Adventures of Dr. McNinjaThe Adventures of Dr. McNinja Hastings, ChristopherChristopher Hastings 20110228 2011-02-28 (Monday) Name on door 905 in the fourth pannel
Dresden CodakDresden Codak Diaz, Aaron S.Aaron S. Diaz 20090413 2009-04-13 (Monday) Character: Professor Diaz
FreefallFreefall Stanley, MarkMark Stanley 20070321 2007-03-21 (Wednesday) Billboard: "FreeFall Hair Style Salon"
FreefallFreefall Stanley, MarkMark Stanley 20161216 2016-12-16 (Friday) One of the party guests is dressed like Sam Starfall.
Geeks Next DoorGeeks Next Door Bavolack, Jessi and Pascal, MattJessi Bavolack and Matt Pascal 20081210 2008-12-10 (Wednesday) Science Fair project: Geeks next door? (Previous shoutout the other way.])
Girls with SlingshotsGirls with Slingshots Corsetto, DanielleDanielle Corsetto 20070319 2007-03-19 (Monday) Small sign at bottom left.
GoblinsGoblins Hunt, TarolTarol Hunt 20081210 2008-12-10 (Wednesday) Science Fair project: Goblins — Threat or food?
GoblinsGoblins Hunt, TarolTarol Hunt 20161216 2016-12-16 (Friday) One of the party guests is dressed like Minmax.
Gunnerkrigg CourtGunnerkrigg Court Sidell, TomTom Siddell 20070319 2007-03-19 (Monday) "Clean rooms/stable / Free breakfast / Gunnerkrigg Court / Indoor plumbing"
Home On The StrangeHome On The Strange Pare, Veronica and Steinmetz, FerrettVeronica Pare and Ferrett Steinmetz 20070319 2007-03-19 (Monday) Billboard: "Home on the Strange: Mechanicsburg real estate"
It's Science with Dr. RadiumIt's Science with Dr. Radium Saavedra, ScottScott Saavedra 20070817 2007-08-17 (Friday) Dr. Radium-like character in foreground of the line of evacuees (although it could be Professor Membrane instead... maybe.)
Katzenjammer KidsThe Katzenjammer Kids Knerr, H. H.H. H. Knerr 20110725 2011-07-25 (Monday) Quote: "Vot der dumboozle?"
LackadaisyLackadaisy Butler, TracyTracy J Butler 20070321 2007-03-21 (Wednesday) Small sign at bottom right: "Lackadaisy Pub"
Namir DeiterNamir Deiter Marks, IsabelIsabel Marks 20070321 2007-03-21 (Wednesday) Billboard: "Namir Deiter's Exotic Pets: 'A great souvenir!' "
NodwickNodwick Williams, AaronAaron Williams 20050930 2005-09-30 (Friday) Aaronev Wilhelm himself is a nod to the creator of Nodwick.
NodwickNodwick Williams, AaronAaron Williams 20051014 2005-10-14 (Friday) Artacz is an homage to Artax.
NodwickNodwick Williams, AaronAaron Williams 20051019 2005-10-19 (Wednesday) Nod resembles Nodwick.
Octopus PieOctopus Pie Gran, MeredithMeredith Gran 20081128 2008-11-28 (Friday) Agatha, as Cinderella, decides not to enter the science fair. Instead, she stays home to lounge around in her pajamas and snack on Octopus Pie Chips.
Octopus PieOctopus Pie Gran, MeredithMeredith Gran 20110404 2011-04-04 (Monday) A shop "Octopus Exchange" in the window (and "No Squid" over the door) and, in another panel, the outline of an octopus over a sign saying "Pie".
Order of the StickOrder of the Stick Burlew, RichRich Burlew 20070321 2007-03-21 (Wednesday) Billboard: "Burlew's Restaurant: Try an Order of the Stick with our famous pie!"
Penny ArcadePenny Arcade Holkins, JerryJerry Holkins 20091016 2009-10-16 (Friday) There is a "Deep Crow" inspired clank in the background of the last panel.
Prague RacePrague Race Nordlund, Petra ErikaPetra Erika Nordlund (LEPPU) 20151102 2015-11-02 (Monday) On a poster in panel 5.
Questionable ContentQuestionable Content Jacques, J.J. Jacques 20070321 2007-03-21 (Wednesday) Billboard: "Questionable Content: A philosophical journal. 13¢ At all newstands(sic). Published monthly."
Scary Go RoundScary Go Round Allison, JohnJohn Allison 20081210 2008-12-10 (Wednesday) Science Fair project: Planet Earth: A Scary Go Round we live on"
Schlock MercenarySchlock Mercenary Tayler, HowardHoward Tayler 20081124 2008-11-24 (Monday) This proclamation paid for by: Schlock Mercenary / Cheap goods for thrifty heroes / We buy estate goods!
ShortpackedShortpacked Willis, DavidDavid Willis 20070321 2007-03-21 (Wednesday) Sign on wall: "Short Packed Warehouse Storage"
Skin HorseSkin Horse Garrity, Shaenon K. and Wells, Jeffrey C.Shaenon K. Garrity and Jeffrey C. Wells 20081124 2008-11-24 (Monday) This proclamation paid for by: Skin Horse / [It]'s not [ju]st for [brea]kfas[t] / [an]y mor[e]
Something PositiveSomething Positive Millholland, R.K.R.K. Millholland 20070319 2007-03-19 (Monday) Billboard: "Try Prof. Milholland's `Something Positive' Tonic!". Shoutout back.
Squirrel CageThe Squirrel Cage Ahern, GeneGene Ahern 20060726 2006-07-26 (Wednesday) Quote: "Nov shmoz ka pop?"
Sunset GrillSunset Grill Feete, KatKat Feete 20081124 2008-11-24 (Monday) This proclamation paid for by: Good food with no Jägers / Sunset Grill
Wapsi SquareWapsi Square Taylor, PaulPaul Taylor 20070319 2007-03-19 (Monday) sign on road: See Exotic Wapsi Square
Yet Another Fantasy Gamer ComicYet Another Fantasy Gamer Comic Morris, RichRich Morris 20081210 2008-12-10 (Wednesday) Science Fair project: Why the world needs Yet Another Fantasy Gamer Comic
Weapon BrownWeapon Brown Yungbluth, JasonJason Yungbluth 20090320 2009-03-20 (Friday) "The unsettlingly large, acidic snails of Professor Yungbluth."
What's New with Phil and DixieWhat's New with Phil and Dixie Foglio, PhilPhil Foglio 20080908 2008-09-08 (Monday) "Growf?" is a noise made by the Devil Dog in panel 6. This is the same noise made by a small dragon that frequently appears in What's New.
Whiteboard, TheThe Whiteboard Nickel, "Doc""Doc" Nickel 20150504 2015-05-04 (Monday) The white bear who is the Swartzwalders' doctor and is shown taking care of Dimo is a shoutout to "Doc", a polar bear character in the web comic The Whiteboard. Phil confirms this in a blog entry. The Whiteboard has previously contained multiple shoutouts to Girl Genius (or, as they are referred to below, "shoutins").
YennyYenny {{{author_sort}}}David Álvarez 20090422 2009-04-22 (Wednesday) "Yenny" brand beer with a very large feminine foot on the label

Shoutins from other webcomicsEdit

Comic Author Notes
Arthur, King of Time and SpaceArthur, King of Time and Space Gadzikowski, PaulPaul Gadzikowski Apparently, Gil and Agatha run a business on the planet Pudsey IV.
Carry OnCarry On Garrison, KathrynKathryn Garrison Anthropomorphic comic concerning a hyena and her friends and family, with multiple Fogliesque references.

Posters in the background showing various musicals currently playing includes one called "La Kaja Foglio, An Airship Entertainment Production" and uses the panel of Agatha surrounded by the three Jägergenerals.

The female protagonist had read furry-versions of Studio Foglio works, including Grrl Genius, but finds a friend's collection of Insexxx (in a plain brown wrapper) - it continues for six strips. Later, the frog "Gil Froglio" (the pastiche of Phil Foglio himself) shows up and persists in conversation over the next few strips (Mrs. Froglio does not resemble Kaja very closely).

Later there is a mention of Transylvania Polygnostic University. During a fight between Kath's grandmothers, her inventor grandfather is heard apparently heterodyning offscreen. [1]

There is an extra non-story panel that speculates about the Foglio household].

The characters read Girl Genius.

One of the characters acquired a hat by beating up Old Man Death.

Full Frontal NerdityFull Frontal Nerdity Williams, AaronAaron Williams The characters compare the next Minecraft to "Girl Genius, The MMO".
FreefallFreefall Stanley, MarkMark Stanley A dingbot shows up representing clanks in general, as part of a series of strips with background "guest robots". The caption reads: "Clanks are from the excellent web comic Girl Genius, by Phil and Kaja Foglio. © 2007"
Legend of BillLegend of Bill Reddick, DavidDavid Reddick A character tries on various costumes, one being Agatha.
Mansion of EThe Mansion of E Cook, RobertRobert M. Cook If you think Girl Genius moves slowly... at any rate, two references to Othar Tryggvassen (the second is explained in the notes for MARCH 07, 2017) and another to the Winslow.
NodwickNodwick Williams, AaronAaron Williams Nodwick is a fantasy RPG-themed comic. Technically, this is a shout to What's New with Phil and Dixie, but it remains of interest.
NukeesNukees Bleuel, DarrenDarren "Gav" Bleuel Nukees is very much a geek strip - it did a linux "Conjunction Junction" riff, for instance. In the News section (below the strip until archived) on the same day as this strip, Darren noted, "(1/23/2009) Wait, what day is it? I think I'm a couple days late, but happy twelfth birthday to Nukees. Soon my comic will start growing body hair, talking back to me, and noticing Girl Genius."
Plugged NickelPlugged Nickel MacKinnon, RonaldRonald MacKinnon Vanilla and Mycroft are dressed as Agatha and a jägermonster.
PS238PS238 Williams, AaronAaron Williams While not referring directly to Girl Genius, the villainous VonFoggs are a direct homage to Phil Foglio and his two children. (Confirmed by directly asking during Dragon*Con 2009.)
Salem UncommonSalem Uncommon Carey, MikeMike Carey "(blatantly(sic) stolen from Phil Foglio)"
ShineShine Ptah, ErinErin Ptah Agatha is shown running after a dingbot at a convention of mad scientists.
Something PositiveSomething Positive Millholland, R.K.R.K. Millholland An offer in a store: "Goggles by Phil & Kaja - Look like a Girl Genius".

A Girl Genius poster at a comic book store.

A sign proclaiming "Phil & Kaja Foglio Park" in response to a billboard .

Two LumpsTwo Lumps Millholland, R.K.J. Grant and Mel Hynes "Utilising a Folgio macro-lens..." on the turret of a castle.
WhiteboardThe Whiteboard Nickel, "Doc""Doc" Nickel A portrait of Boris Dolokhov is on the wall in the Christmas 2009 comic. The other two portraits are shoutouts to Something Positive and Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal.
WhiteboardThe Whiteboard Nickel, "Doc""Doc" Nickel Humongulus wants paint.

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