Given the high rate of deadly (and probably Spark-caused) diseases rampant in Europa, and given the Spark trait of unique solutions (the more one adds insult mayhem to injury seems to correlate with one’s level of Sparkiness), it’s not surprising to find the si vales valeo method as a viable ‘cure’ for many diseases. Of course, early work on the horrible reanimation process System Transferal Procedure did start out in Krakow ...

Basically, it involves connecting a healthy specimen to a diseased one so that the healthy body can help run the bodily functions of the other while the good doctor cures the disease. There are a few minor side effects [1] but these can be offset, usually with the judicious application of high voltage.

While the full procedure is not completely known, here are a few factors:

Some side effects to watch out for:

  • Psychotic breaks are not unknown.
  • Using high voltage can help with those problematic cascade effects [3]

Relevant outside information Edit

The phrase si vales valeo, as translated from Latin, means if you are well, I am well. A common beginning for ancient Roman letters. A more 'poetic' translation might be "I will if you will," or possibly "I'm game if you are."


  1. "...there's still the danger of catastrophic mental breakdown for both participants"...
  2. Heterodyne 'pets' resemble six-legged primates , size unknown.
  3. They "usually kill everyone and set the lab on fire" ...problematic.

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