The Silverodeon is an organ or calliope that is, or at least was, one of the props in Master Payne's Circus of Adventure. According to music master André, it was once "the finest music machine this side of the Carpathians." (However, there's reason to doubt whether he was serious, as will be seen.) When we first see it, it's looking rather poorly in the aftermath of the Spider Clank attack ... but not for long.

When the Circus decides to let Agatha tag along, they also decide it would be a good idea to give her something to keep her occupied and indulge her Sparkiness. Master Payne has André and Rivet to put her to work on restoring the Silverodeon to operation, which puzzles them on the grounds that "that old calliope is junk!" This, of course, is no impediment to a real Spark; if anything, it just serves to make the restoration project more ... interesting.


Sweet Sparky music

Agatha sets to work restoring the instrument, and before long it's back in top condition and making fabulous music, with Agatha herself at the keyboard. Of course, this catches the attention of Payne and the rest of the Circus, who are beginning to realize that Agatha isn't just a Spark, but a tremendously powerful one; furthermore, it also excites the listening Moxana, who sees in Agatha a chance to be put back in prime condition with the notes from Van Rijn and maybe even reunited with her fellow Muse Tinka. It's fair to say that this doesn't work out exactly as planned, but you can't blame Moxana for trying.

However, there's more to the restored Silverodeon than meets the eye, or the ear. Agatha has rebuilt it in a way that makes it not only a super calliope, but also the control engine for the Battle Circus that she builds in her spare time. This comes in handy when the Baron and Bangladesh DuPree pay a not-so-friendly visit to the Circus and some defensive measures are called for . From this episode we get some memorable imagery as Agatha commands the defenses. Unfortunately, it's pretty well the Silverodeon's swan song, as the Baron trashes it completely as the battle reaches its climax , but it's served its purpose by then.

All told, this is a pretty cool instrument.

Print Novel Edit

According to Agatha H. and the Clockwork Princess, the Silverodeon was originally hauled around and used at local festivals and to scare bats out of barns, until encountering a particularly large and grumpy bat. After finishing with the Silverodeon, the bat embarked on a "career" that ended with it attracting the attention of one of Baron Wulfenbach's airships.

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