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Snails are an important part of the Mechanicsburg diet. The reason for this is that, historically, the “water of the Dyne caused the snails to grow huge and they had a choice, blow them up or eat them. Turns out, they are tasty!”[1]

Snail references in the comic Edit

In 2009-03-20 (Friday) there is a reference to "the unsettlingly large, acidic snails of Professor Yungbluth".

In the 2011-12-16 (Friday) comic André suggests performing The Heterodyne Boys and the Racing Snails of Dr. Zegreb in Zumzum.

The 2011-12-16 (Friday) comic shows a poster for a snail festival.

The 2012-05-11 (Friday) comic has a shop selling Markyys Brand Snails ("Slow and Sweet"). A sign on the shop says "Green Devils are In!". There is a zine called Green Devil Face, issue 4 has a "mini dungeon" called "House of Snails". "Green Devils" was also a nickname of the Fallschirmjäger in WWII.

The 2013-03-13 (Wednesday) shows two Mechanicsburg establishments selling snails.

The upper left corner of 2014-05-21 (Wednesday) shows SNA on a Mechanicsburg building, likely the start of SNAILS.

A poster advertising Heterodyne Style Snail Cheese in the Black Market in Paris. 2015-10-07 (Wednesday)

In the comic for 2015-11-18 (Wednesday) , the Mole King regrets that, since the Mechanicsburg time freeze, he can no longer get his favorite cave snail, Mechanicsburg blue-whorled grunters.

In the comic for 2016-10-10 (Monday) is a poster for Snail Liqueur.


  1. Reddit AMA with the Professors, 2013: How did snails become such an important part of the Mechanicsburg diet?

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