Spad Buckforth has to date appeared only in The Works card game. He is labeled as Mad and Sidekick, and is depicted as a youngish brown-haired fellow dressed in aviation gear: a leather jacket, gloves, helmet with goggles, and a scarf. He is giving a grinning thumbs-up while holding up a smoking blunderbuss-type pistol; behind him is a dirigible trailing more smoke as it nose-dives towards earth. This flying (or crashing) motif is continued with his card's special power, which affects dirigibles. (You score one.)

Whether he is still part of the strip's official continuity remains to be seen. (But so far so good...)

Possibly relevant outside information Edit

Among other things, SPAD stands for Société Pour L'Aviation et ses Dérivés, an early French aircraft manufacturer whose biplane was the most popular French fighter in the First World War. The nickname "Spad" was later given to a U.S.-built piston-powered, propeller-driven attack aircraft that was still being used in the Vietnam war, and until 1985 in Gabon (who had gotten them as hand-me-downs from France).

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