St. Bungi is claimed by one character to be a religious figure in the the world of Girl Genius. According to Doctor Mittelmind, the Feast of St. Bungi is celebrated by his religion, and vertical travel is forbidden on that day, which he uses as an excuse to avoid traveling in a potentially dangerous elevator. If it exists, the Feast of St. Bungi may have fallen on September 19 during the time Agatha was engaged in the Si Vales Valeo procedure.

Possibly Helpful Outside Information Edit

Bungee jumping is a sport in which elastic cords are attached to the player, typically at an ankle, after which the person jumps from a high place, either a natural cliff or an artificial structure such as a bridge. The elastic is supposed to slow the descent before the person hits the ground, and even reverse the person's vertical direction. Bungee jumping is somewhat dangerous, not only from the obvious risk of using a too-long cord, but also because of abrupt changes in blood pressure and whiplash.