Four women and two men (one a Jagermonster in drag) in the comic have five-pointed stars on their skin as decorations. The purpose of the decorations are unknown, but it has been suggested[1] that they are beauty marks, possibly to cover up scars from illness.

Four of the stars appeared on faces:

One appeared on a breast:

One appers on a back:

It is interesting to note most of the women (but not Maxim) are blond[2].

Possibly relevant outside informationEdit

A possible reference is that in our world during the 17th and 18th century it was considered fashionable for the ladies to have strangely shaped faux beauty marks, the most common shapes were stars and hearts. So it's also possible that there is no link between those women and they are simply following a fashion statement, which will also explain why Countess Marie's mark only appeared from the MHB incedent onward.


  1. This message and several related messages in the Yahoo Group.
  2. Noted by tobiasaberg.

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