Stockholm and the archipelago

Stockholm arms

Arms of the City of Stockholm

Stockholm is a major northern Europan city, and in our world also the capitol of Sweden (seat of both the royal family and the government). As the city was founded on an archipelago, trade, shipping and sailing have always been vital to its existence.

The first historical mentions of Stockholm as a settlement in that area date from about the same time as the greatest expansions westward of the Mongol Empire, although the actual heart of the city was built later, from 1300 on [1]. Strategically, it was well-placed to prevent invasion by foreign navies, and to protect trade with towns on the coast of the expansive Lake Mälaren which extends east of the city (and has shallowed up due to glacial rebound). It grew steadily as a very successful trade partner with other cities on the Baltic Sea.

Once the technology was developed, the mighty Stockholm shipyards took to the air as a natural extension of their earlier work. Many great shipyards ring the Baltic, and competition drove the Swedish innovation which produced the "flash ship"[2] purchased by The Council for their Heterodyne pretender to use as base of operations and advertisement.

Stockholm in specific and Sweden in general lie outside of the Wulfenbach-pacified lands. Diplomatic relations are unknown at this time.


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