Wulfenbach tower winged
Stun bullets are non-lethal ammunition assigned to Wulfenbach forces for use in urban or crowd-control situations where troops are deployed more as riot police than in a conventional military situation.

In our world, non-lethal ammunition for similar purposes rely on the transfer of kinetic energy to accomplish this incapacitation [1]. They consist primarily of rubber bullets, plastic bullets, and beanbags, are generally low velocity and are fired from shotguns, grenade launchers, paint ball guns, or specially-designed firearms and air gun devices [2].

An early non-lethal round consisted of short sections of broom handle fired at rioters in Singapore [3]. A "beanbag" round, consisting of a bag of shot, is designed to deliver a blow that will cause minimum long-term trauma and no penetration but will result in a muscle spasm or other reaction to briefly render a violent suspect immobile [4].

There are indications that Wulfenbach-issued stun bullets may be chemically based instead of merely depending on kinetic energy and muscle spasms. This would fit well with a military which uses C-gas and D-gas. However, even a poorly-aimed stun round has a potential to be lethal, as does any less-lethal ammunition, and Wulfenbach troops have been carefully trained in their correct use.

A primary use of stunning ammunition also appears to fit in with the Baron's philosophy of economy, i.e., not wasting resources. A live, bruised population is less resentful than one in mourning, and one never knows where one might find gifted soldiers, administrators or minions.


  1. As opposed to actual destruction of portions of the target
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  3. Used in the 1880s
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