Sturvin is one of the "Sturmhalten sewer rats" assigned to guide Lars, Zeetha, and Da Boyz through the undercity. He's the tall, slightly cadaverous-looking one with a receding hairline and odd headgear. He and his associate Kalikoff have been working there for at least twenty-seven years, and know it well, apparently including the Deepdown (though they prefer not to go there lately -- apparently it's become more dangerous since 20 to 25 years ago, when it was fun). They've become so used to the Sturmhalten sewers as "normal" that they can't quite grasp an underground ecosystem that doesn't include ghouls, albino squid, giant glowing rats, and so on.

Sturvin is the guide who sticks with the party through thick and thin, unlike his colleague, who gets grabbed by a monster (and, remarkably enough, lives to tell about it). He's the one who discovers the elevators that get the party out of the Deepdown, after a disarming encounter with the green glowy things. He eventually makes it back topside , just in time for all the fun. Unlike his colleague Kalikoff, we don't know whether he intended to escape to England with Master Payne's Circus of Adventure, so his current status is unknown (and possibly not good, things in Sturmhalten were getting messy when he disappeared from the story).